Sean Bolton


Started learning to play guitar in 1993 when I was in the Air Force -- mostly easy stuff like Tom Petty. After a couple of months I stopped using the chord chart poster and moved on to learning Metallica and Alice In Chains riffs by ear. Wore out the rewind button on my CD player... I left the military, went back home and joined a band and started writing the odd song on the side. A year later I bought my first 4-track (one that recorded onto cassette tape haha) and really started recording. Over the next three years or so I upgraded from my crappy tape 4-track to an all-digital Yamaha DS4, then a Korg D8, then eventually to a PC with Cool Edit Pro.. That's when things really took off. Over that span and the year or so that followed I wrote 240+ songs and spent a great deal of time mixing. Right around then I formed the first of three or four iterations of bands with my brothers and other musician friends and we had a great time. Played a few low-key gigs with each group. But I was always the one that wanted to wait a little longer before we took the show out on the road for real... Just wanted to knock people's socks off I guess. Anyway, the last band ended in early 2014. An almost three-year project. Basically because we no longer had a practice space and we were by that point all so old and committed to our jobs/lives/girlfriends/wives that it was hard to find a time where everyone could get together. So after that I sort of gave up on the band thing. Past four years I've been working as a baker. A real job after 11 years as a freelance writer that afforded me almost too much time to work on my various creative endeavors, with just enough left over after bills to buy beer... But now I get up every day at the crack, and I'm engaged to a fantastic woman -- with three kids. So I barely have time to play/practice ? But part of me is still driven to do something cool. Just haven't figured out how or what or where to spend my energies. Especially since most of what I used to be inspired to write about has changed. And time she flies. A 25-year journey so far. But who knows where it will lead.