Scott Mishkind


Just picked up a guitar a little more than 2 years ago, I am completely self taught. 10 years of classical piano as a kid, haven't touched a piano in 30 years. Member of The Rockin' 1000, having played on their video coming out this month (Andra Day's "Rise Up"), and in the recent (July 21, 2018) "That's Live!" event in Florence, Italy. Loves working on and repairing guitars and amps. Loves finding unwanted guitars, fixing them up to playable condition, and donating them to a charity I work with (I have donated 8 guitars to them, with more on the way). I just picked up a bass, and am learning it as well. Looking to jam locally with other musicians who are accepting of a new player, either guitar, bass or both. I have limited skills, but a shitload of enthusiasm and I just want to learn and have fun, I'm not looking to go on tour or cut a record, music is a passion and love of mine.