Scott Abene

Scott Abene

Scott Abene grew up in NYC during the 1970's where he claims that he was raised by wolves and taught the mystic ways of the ancient Shaman. Having a mother that is a very accomplished artist and a father that is a well-known Grammy award winning Pianist, Arranger-Composer Jazz musician allowed Scott to study with Guitar Greats like Allen Hanlon, Mike Gari and Bill Connors and countless others. Scott cut his chops in the NYC Clubs playing a variety of styles from Jazz to Funk to Rock and whatever would pay the rent. He was a constant on the NYC music scene during the 1980's and 1990's playing at such famous venues as The China Club, Limelight, CBGBs and The Bitter End with more bands than he can actually remember the names of. He has played guitar on dozens of independent studio releases and even states proudly in a very "Spinal Tappish" way that he became very big in Asia when he had the privilege of playing guitar on Corbett Wall's number one single "Last One Shot" from his album entitled "Passion Play". When Scott was not gigging out he was making a name as a talented studio player recording as a side man on many alt/indie/rock discs as well as commercial jingles for the likes of McDonalds, Oldsmobile, Buick, Maytag and many more... His playing style is second to none. A unique cross between being stung by a large swarm of very loud and belligerent bees all the while trying to run through piles of overcooked Linguine in a light puttanesca sauce.