Rudy Rallis


Music bio I'm the bass player for the Greek hard rock band "Danger Angel" (2007 - ) I start to playing the bass at the age of 14, inspired by Cliff Burton of Metallica. From 1993 on, I've played in several Greek bands, and also as a live session musician, before join Danger Angel in 2007. "Danger Angel" was formed in 2006. After three years of hard and professional work, the band agreed on a world-wide deal with the American label Perris Records in August 2009, and released our debut album in January 2010. While the first album was a success, the changes in the band`s lineup and the evolution of Danger Angel`s music brought about a distinct change in our songwriting and our sound when we started to work on new material. Their need of a new sound to express our spirit and our influences, as well as the necessity of a more contemporary music image to keep up with what was going on around us, made us look for something different. This led to the band`s decision to bring on board Jeff Scott Soto as our producer, to help orientate our new sound and musical approach. Jeff in turn brought along his long-time producer John Ellis for the mixing and mastering. The result was the current Album "Revolutia", which was released on January 29th, 2013, once again via Perris Records, and was met by great reviews from the press as well as enthusiastic response by fans worldwide. It also led to the first European Tour for "Danger Angel", who came aboard Jeff Scott Soto`s Damage Control Tour 2013, performing around Europe, bringing our music and live shows to a broad audience! Our latest release, came to life in October 2016, via MelodicRock Records Discography: Danger Angel - S/T (Perris records, 2010) Danger Angel - Revolutia (Perris records, 2013) DangerAngel - All the King’s Horses (MelodicRock Records, 2016)