Viper Vanity


I am just really tired of creating music that appeals to the masses who are into "Popular" music. I see Popular music as something that is "fine", but when you know, "everyone" is doing it and essentially we have all sorts of people we've never even heard of coming out of the woodworks suddenly saying "hey I'm a Rapper" or tons of "Cover-Song" Artists saying, "hey, listen to my newest cover song of "Havana by Camila Cabello", I'm just like, where's the originality. I love Electronic Music, I love all types of music, but I feel like real "musicianship" in terms of talent within one or more actual instrument like a Guitar or Drums, that major component is missing in today's music. You do't really have to know how to play an instrument anymore, you just push buttons, slide levers, and twist knobs. I'm all for stuff like that, but when it's what has become popular to the masses, and bands or artists who play with real Instruments are less appreciated, you have to question whether music is going in a right or wrong direction, it doesn't matter if it sounds good or bad or has talent or not. So with all of that being said, I wanted to get a little more back in touch with my old musicianship and show the world that you can still use VSI's but it's better when you actually learn to play at least 1 instrument and use that as a driving force for your musical craft. Put in some actual work and force yourself to learn how to compose something that's a bit more challenging than a larger database of ready-made loops and sounds. With Viper Vanity, I decided to go back to my precious Guitar work and really put in the hours on it and get in touch with what I really love to do the most. Rock out.