Rose Cora Perry


Performer since age 4. Writer since age 7. CEO of Record Label at 15. Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label act Anti-Hero and has performed at some of the world’s most renowned festivals. Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Perry has been crowned a well-respected industry pro within Canada’s music landscape. In line with her efforts, in 2011, she was invited to attend the 53rd Grammy Awards as a honourary guest artist. She's graced the covers of magazines, achieved Top 30 radio singles, conducted guest lectures, served as a Voting Committee Member for the Jack Richardson Music Awards and was elected to represent the “voice of the independent musician” in a 3 month expose for Canadian Musician. In 2010, Perry launched her critically acclaimed debut solo album, "Off Of the Pages" and its associated non-profit foundation, MusicSaves, which aims to impart onto troubled youth the healing capacity of music. 2016 marked the triumphant return of Perry's musical efforts with the worldwide release of her sophomore solo album, Onto the Floor. In conjunction with the album's release, Perry formed high energy powerhouse duo, The Truth Untold. Within 6 months of coming together, The Truth Untold conquered audiences of 25,000+ , performing at 15 festivals and winning over crowds of 20-somethings and babyboomers alike. Rose Cora Perry has three visions she hopes to achieve as an artist: 1) to inspire 2) to provoke thought 3) to relate