Ronald Koshik


I am just a regular guy who likes to play music. I grew up with a Wurlitzer organ in the house but I didn't have much interest in learning how to play although I have dabbled around with it now and then. I started out playing drums in the high school band. I played drums for 7 years before I picked up my first guitar. I have been playing guitar for many years, started playing bass 6 months ago and I just recently got a Yamaha keyboard. I live in the San Diego area in which the music scene is absolutely terrible. Finding musicians and guitar players to get together with is nearly impossible here. I used to play rhythm guitar in a rock band several years ago but the band couldn't get it together and broke up (like this has never happened before with bands). Since my jamming buddies moved out of state, these days I usually jam along with whatever music I decide to put on and listen to since I have nobody to jam with here. I gotta admit though, I am pretty damn good.