Roger Bolt

Roger Bolt and Borderline

ROGER BOLT is a classically trained singer and songwriter, acoustic steel string and electric guitar. Roger's international and world travel has influenced his original composition to a broad musical pallet of edgie Americana, Latin, Celtic, Early American Folk, Rock, Blues, Boogie, Jazz and styles we don't have a name for. ROGER BOLT began his musical journey in the South East with his first band the Inmates, playing for the men and women leaving Ft. Benning Georgia for the war in Vietnam during the late Sixties. After moving to California in 1967 He connected with other kindred spirits and formed other musical projects like Woodbine, the rock band BOLT, Los Gringos, Noble Bolt and others. Roger has also spent many years in broadcasting with NPR affiliate KRCB FM, KPLS Country music and KMLS Cable 1 rock radio. The haunting Celtic song "Hooligan's Dream" from the Woodbine CD; Moonlight Memory is currently appearing in the movie "Hilo de Cristal" or "Thread of Glass", from Grial Producciones, Spain.