Robin Grandin


At a very young age, Robin Grandin found herself connected to music. For Robin, music was a constant presence. No matter what changes take place in her life, music always provided her with a place to go for comfort, inspiration, reflection, and strength. Music has allowed Robin to go beyond her imagination and turn her dreams into reality. In Robin’s words, “Music gives me the opportunity to communicate and connect with others. I truly do believe that music is the universal language and it is a medium that connects every living thing on the planet, from people, to animals to plants. It gives me the ultimate creative outlet for my passion.” Robin has never sat still when it comes to her musical career. During all of her travels and experiences, she has always found time to write music, “I think that music is the ultimate form of communication. It bonds hearts and souls together, expresses all sorts of emotions and view points, lifts spirits, creates memories, creates a time for reflection. Music is truly a preferred form of expression and communication with others. Without sounding too corny it is literally the soundtrack to life. My personal goal at the end of any performance is to leave the audience feeling a little better than when they got there.” And she does, whether it is through anyone of a number of different types of songs, a jingle on the radio, a commercial, even a simple voice over, Robin touches every person who hears her music and her message.