Richard Sahlin


Band manager for the band Strange New Dawn. I sometimes wear many hats. Band manager mostly but I do help bands record demos and albums. Sometimes I do help out as a producer too. I got a home studio with a roland td6 drumkit along with gen 16 zildjian cymbals and some useful ua preamps. Mics, guitar and bass gear enough to get any production going even if it's a budget studio. I got a mix of plug ins and outboard equipment. I now also have a studio not far from home with a 7 piece pearl export elx drum kit and enough space to have a whole band record or rehearse music. As a mixer it has been an advantage that I've had a drummers background together with one twin playing the guitar and the other bass. I really have a big focus on all 3 instruments and how they best play together in a mix. Retired from my day job with a steady income I now only work with music more or less full time helping bands with a tight budget to mix and/or record music.