Richard Fuller


I fell in love with the bass at age 13. Loved the long neck, the fat strings and just the way it looks. Started taking it seriously 2 years later when I started learning walking bass lines and chord progressions. From a not so little town in Ohio and moved to Colorado in 1969. Found and lost the music soulmate and have been looking for another one ever sense leaving NYC. Hate the big music industry, full of greedy fucktards. Like keeping a low profile and holding down the bottom end, PERIOD!!! The music here I share is a just projects I've played on in the last 20 some years. Others are lost forever. I don't own the rights to any, just lucky enough to not be an asshole and just do the job asked to do. Some of the arrangements are mine. Thanks for listening to my little part of the world. Nameste







What is music to you? What does it give you?

An escape, s sense of purpose.

What is your music dream?

Playing Red Rocks, Morrison CO.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

The way people think.

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

Moonlight Serenade

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

The Who, David Bowie, SRV, Queen, Golden Earring, Yes, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers Band, Nathaniel Radcliff & The Night Sweats. Madness, The Police

What inspires you to make music?

Can't explain

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience?

I'm in my comfort zone.

How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved?

Their work ethnic.

What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience?

Be humble.