Repxblica de Cxervos


CIUDAD DE HIERRO is the name of the first LP of colombian rock band REPXBLICA DE CXERVOS, a album in which five tracks from the EP "Nunca Más" are being re-recorded and content five new tracks, the album is being produced in Symmetry Records with the production and engineering of Sebastián Paz. As expected, the album is composed of songs that portray the violent and absurd reality in which we are living. "I'd rather be hated for being brutally honest than loved and invited for being hypocritical," says Felipe Szarruk on his way of looking at life. The band has gained a lot of notoriety in the underground circuit of Colombia and is preparing for its new tour that will include Cali, Villavicencio, Bucaramanga, Medellín and Bogotá, as well as a visit to Mexico with 12 live concerts in different cities of the Aztec country. "We know that we will never play on the radio, that our lyrics collide, are uncomfortable, we know that in this politically correct world the truth offends and we like that," says the band referring to the controversy over the content of their songs "Whoever has an ear to hear can listen, and whoever doesn´t can keep listening to other things. Repxblica de Cxervos is a Colombian rock band that mixes genres such as Metal and Punk to achieve its unique sound, is characterized by its contestatory, political and controversial lyrics, currently composed by Felipe Szarruk (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Hernan Spiderbass García (bass, backing vocals) and Carlos Andrés Macías (drums). The band was formed in 2013 on the initiative of Szarruk who was looking for a drastic change in his career as a soloist which was characterized by Soft Rock songs, the idea was to build a band where anger, hatred and dystopia were the creative engine, in the end they are established under the name Repxblica de Cxervos, influenced by today's society and its shortcomings. They quickly gained notoriety in the local circuit for their strong sound and their poisonous lyrics, the single MANIFESTO, first of the band, grabbed the attention and received multiple nominations for song of the year in alternative stations, were named Superband of the month by the Superstation 88.9 and reviewed in various specialized media. During the first three years, they dedicated themselves to play in Colombia's underground circuits and began recording their debut album in 2014, but the first attempt failed as the producer they were working retired from the recording to go look for Malasyan's lost plane which, according to him, the aliens had. It was not until 2016 that together with the musician Jorge Vanegas (Vulgarxito) they managed to edit a work of five songs called "Nunca Más" which can be considered the first EP of the band. In 2017 they released two videos "Nosotros" and "Repxblica de Cxervos", made several presentations in Bogotá, Medellín and New York, In May 2018 four songs were re-recorded in New Jersey and compiled in an EP titled REMONSTERED which intensified the sound of the band. The band has a high social and political content, directly attacking the most sensitive structures of society, due to the activism of Szarruk with Subterránica have been vetoed in multiple spaces and scenarios, loved by many, hated by some, the band remains one of the strongest banners of rock today. At the end of 2018 the crows make a tour of several festivals including FIURA, CAR AUDIO ROCK FESTIVAL, SOFA COLOMBIA and some presentations in various cities and stages of Colombia while working on what they hope is their album that consolidates the final sound of the project. If you're looking for a band full of love and politically correct, you're in the wrong place, the crows are transgressors, sincere, straightforward and carry the flag of counterculture in this dystopian society. Translated with







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