Anabac Music


We are a vocal group that consists of 3 brothers, Poy, Ray and Ren and go by our stage name "Anabac". The name Anabac comes from our last name which is "Cabana" and we took the word and flipped it. Being brought up and raised in a Filipino family right here in the beautiful country of New Zealand, we were always surrounded by music growing up. Our father and mother would always sing, dance, play music morning, day and night, music was everywhere for us. “Anabac”, the reason being is because since we are brothers we still wanted a piece of our family name in there. We first formed in the year 2013 and this was because we auditioned for the very first season of X Factor. We were able to go the distance in the series and achieved a spot in the top 24. Although we did get eliminated that didn't stop us from achieving our dream of being able to write and perform music and ultimately showcase what we can do. Through the exposure that we were able to get from the X Factor, we were discovered by an amazing artist called Marcus Powell from the band "Blacklistt" which was formally known as "Blindspott" and he took us on board with his organization called The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa. With Marcus Powell's help he was able to give us the opportunities to perform at countless events showcasing our talent and being able to sing to different crowds of that respect. We were able to sing during a dinner for John Key, perform for the ASB Easter show, and also open up for a classic artist called "David Pomeranz", these performances are what stood out to us most. Progressing through, we were very fortunate to release our very first single which was called "Reignite That Flame" and with this result we were able to also release our very first music video which featured a segment on FOUR LIVE, "Decent Exposure", which then released on digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc. We couldn't thank Marcus Powell for what he was able to do for us. To this day, we are currently working on an E.P release which Ray will be producing and mixing himself, with the assistance from The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa and David Atai from Nesian Mystik. We were able to release our first single off the upcoming E.P called "Roadtrip" featuring a local artist called "JOS". A music video and digital distribution resulted in this first release with the help of a media crew called "The Art of Visualz" and "DRM NZ". Roadtrip was able to receive good reviews from our audience and this was because we used this single as a "comeback" from a period of break. With this E.P we just want to be able to release consistent music and content that we have written to be able to showcase what we are capable of and what we have to show the world. We want this EP to make an impact hopefully hit a market or spot in the music industry. All we really dream about is making it as far as we can in the music industry no matter what or how long it takes.