Rachel Elisabeth

Musician, Guitar Teacher & Creative Nestor

I started playing guitar and singing when I was 13 when I got a Christmas present from my father. Learning covers for a few years, I eventually started writing my own music around age 16. I also competed in talent shows and sang at church during high school. When I was 18, my friends and I started a jam band. Went through a couple drummers then went our separate ways not even a year in. Since then, I’ve been playing as a solo musician but also playing in worship bands. I also have had opportunities to duet with people live sporadically. From 2011-2012, I recorded an album entitled “Wouldlawn, Couldlawn, Shouldlawn.” I named it that because I lived in an area called Woodlawn and my dad used to say the album’s title as a joke. This was all in my spare time, I was a waitress since age 19. I didn’t start playing music full time until late 2013. Playing mostly in small bars, coffeehouses, and private events/parties. And in August 2016, I started teaching guitar. Took a total break from playing music. To get back into the groove of things, I started my own by doing online concerts. I also started recording music videos for and doing social media lives. I still love to record and working on finishing an album. I also: > Absolutely love salsa and could eat it at every meal > Really despise being tickled > Was born, raised and still reside in Maryland > Love animals more than people > Like the color "pillager purple" > Love rose gold > Still have the same guitar tuner from when I was 13 (and it still works) I still teach guitar and I’m blessed to be playing in the worship band at The Cause Church in Elkridge, MD. I also play in the Spanish ministry on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month; and at the Elkridge Spanish market (w/ the ministry team) the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. I also hold online workshops on Saturdays I'm not playing. I gig about once a month at coffeehouses. My style is indie folk; and I play a mix of originals and covers. My main singing influences are Gwen Stefani, Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fiona Apple. My main music influences are Death Cab for Cutie, The White Stripes & Modest Mouse.