Quinten Van-de-sande


Im a creative explorer, choreography, music, shows, tv, editing, art, i'm down for all types of being creative but the passion i have for music, it is a big part of my life, I dream to one day have my own show choreographed on my music. that would feel like the ultimate to see both come alive ! when we focus on detail or the total picture. its all a different expiriance. and this is what i love about music. expressing and make people see the world that i saw when i created this sound. in a verry experimental way. But still like it comes from the place i was conecting with. and this is important about music. the soundquality is good to support and necessary for toplevel, but the main thing is the creation for my opinion. on the road i try to collect all information that leads me to better quality of sound, mix, master, etc... But the creation is my journy ! and the people i connect / create / work / experiment with are verry important. we need feedback from those who see the main picture. drooble is for this reason a verry good webplace. its awesome to see so many underground artists and they're procces! enjoy life folks!