Project Triskelion

Music is the soundtrack of your life, score it accordingly.

Welcome to Project Triskelion. This project started back in 1999 and by 2006 I had set it down. I’ve since re-picked up the mantle with the intent of finishing a lifelong dream. Being a classically and jazz trained bassist, I played every style of music you could think of. From 150-piece orchestras, 18-piece big bands, niche jazz fusion groups, that blues sit in after midnight, etc. As I was coming up, I would listen to influential music, like Paul Winters, John Renbourn, Rod McKuen, The Alan Parsons Project, Mannheim Steamroller, Emmett Chapman, Windham Hill Records, Bill Bruford, Toto, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Isao Tomita, Larry Fast, Christopher Franke, David Gilmour, Erik Satie, Patrick O’Hearn, Andreas Vollenweider, Philip Glass to name just a few. What became known as new age music, or ambient music fascinated me. From a classical background, my first love, I enjoyed the subtle complexity that I would hear in the music, and at times, I would try to emulate what I would hear, with live instrumentation, and eventually on my own digital audio workstation setup using Reason. To me, Project Triskelion, by my original intent was designed to be a meld of world music meets new age. A true collaboration project with different instrumentalists from all walks of life. This was the dream. Now 12 years later, I feel it’s time to finish what I’ve started. I am 100% open to work with amazing musicians, who wish to be part of this lifelong dream of mine. Together, creating some amazing music that I hope the masses, or for the very least, that select group of people who love to listen to this type of music would enjoy it as much as the joint-efforts that were put in to make it. You can check out my older work that I did in the early days of Project Triskelion at If you’re interested in helping this dream come to fruition, I'd love to hear from you.