It may have only been in the early hours of 2017 that Sectlinefor first crawled out of their bedrooms and onto the London scene, but their own breed of industrial alternative metal has definitely left some sort of a scar behind. It's a funny-looking scar which, in the right kind of light, could resemble a smiley face. It’s not an injury anyone could take seriously. Hardly even noticeable. But a scar all the same. Their debut album, Anorexic Insect , had caused enough tinnitus buzz to earn the band a slot on the O2 Islington stage once upon a time, and that was a big mistake. Now armed with an unwarranted sense of encouragement, Sectlinefor have announced their second full-length album. They called it Don’t Make This About You , and, for the love of God, don’t. Nobody has ever asked about the secret formula behind Sectlinefor’s unique sound, and that is why we’re going to tell you. It’s a mixture of Piton’s progressive guitar riffs (also known for the technical death metal band YGODEH) and vocalist Jared’s obsession with brightly coloured candy. Together, only they can be blamed for such a mess. As a result, artistic comparisons are often quite confusing, but some of the more favourable whispers we’ve heard include the likes of Faith No More, Macabre, Deftones, early Ministry, System of a Down, Stump, Septicflesh, and Mindless Self Indulgence. None of which the band agrees with whatsoever. So ask yourself: do you like your music to be pristinely polished with a high budget cloth made from the finest silk? Do you prefer your sponges to be delivered with a pretty little bow and a personalised name tag? Bad luck, buddy. Throw this press release in the recycling bin immediately and look in the other direction, because things are about very ugly. However, if you remember eating dirt as a child and loving the taste, then close your eyes and open your mouth. I have something to show you. For far too much information, please visit Or you can say hello to us by emailing [email protected]