J.Michael Piper - "PiperSins" - A Solo Multi-Faceted Artist Biography

I am a multi-faceted artist, which means I have done many types of creating in many fields. I am a multi-instrumentalist and a composer and also a writer as well as having taught myself how to do my own recording and engineering. But I also have a Masters Degree in multi-media web and digital design so I am very into creating artwork and have done many oils on canvas mediums, water color on paper and I'm very heavy into digital works of art. That has led me into animation creation and animated videography. This has also worked for me by being able to do my own music logo art as well as designing my own album covers. My solo music project called "PiperSins" is my entire life right now. In my past, I have put out 3 EP's of just instrumentals. I am now working on one where all the other albums that have been instrumental music, this new one is what a full album of songs that have my vocals and lyrics added to some of my instrumentals that were already done musically. A completed type of album. The new album I'm working on now is called "Quantum Human Theory" and should be completed sometime in the summer of 2018. I have loved every minute that I can create and will create until the day I die. There's no such thing as retirement for my caliber of talent, energy and passion. I love life and everything in it and about it. *The Palette Of My Vision Is An Extension Of My Experience. A Reflection And A Deflection. A Lifetime I've Spent Thinking Outside Of The Music And Art Box And The Recording Studio. I'm A Visionary. Trends Could Follow Me. I Am Not On The Edge, I Am The Edge By Definition, I Defy Repetition And Imitation. Re-Inventing Myself With Every Work I Finish And Every New Idea I Start. I Am A Life Force And An Event. My Life Lives For The Work I Create In The Hopes My Work Will Live For Me Into The Unknown Future.* "I have lived to create the artwork and music I've done and I want my artwork and music to live for me, if at all possibly, forever." That about sums it up for who I am and all I will convey for now. Thanks for your interest in what I do, and I appreciate your visit and taking the time to find out what "PiperSins" is all about. Have a great day! Sincerely, J.Michael Piper PiperSins