All things are subject to interpretation, how you perceive them is how you’ll endure. An American metalcore band from the Central Valley of California. Hailing from the west coast, the collaborative influence of Hardcore, Djent, Metal, and Hip-Hop effectuate the sound that is Perception. The group released their freshman EP in July of 2019, and are currently writing/recording their first full-length album; to be released in late 2020. In 2015 Nicholas and Miles Hernandez (drums), brothers, wanted to take their teenage ‘garage band’ to the next level and into the local music scene. For the next few years they worked on building their sound, and finding members to help shape the group that the two brothers envisioned. Picking up Javier Garcia (bass) in 2017 they shortly after held the task of finding someone to fill a missing vocalist position. Luckily, in mid-2018, after holding auditions, they welcomed Chris Bradburd to the band; a drummer looking to follow his passion of being a frontman. Before announcing Perception’s new vocalist, in 2018 the group decided to take a hiatus. For Chris, this meant writing lyrics to music the band had been previously working on; as well as collectively constructing new material ultimately resulting in the group’s newly defined sound. Looking to announce the new rendition of Perception in 2019, they got to work to provide an energetic live performance to stand out in their competitive market; including the addition of live production elements to their setlist. Since Perception’s comeback show on July 27th, 2019 the band has been performing in various local events, and are looking forward to be performing in regional locations in 2020. A new line up, meant re-branding. The skull and rose can symbolize together the birth of a new life as an obstacle or enemies have been defeated or the belief of life after death.