Pelle Gerhardsson


Once upon a time I was a musician. I learned to play the guitar and the drums and I was the next big thing. I played in several bands, always with the same 2 or 3 people with some extra friends, always with another name. We did some gigs, we made recordings, we played at little festivals, we made music for a theaterplay, we played music while watching squids copulate on National Geographic, … Name it, we did it. Some called our music Churchrock, others said we sounded like Crying seals. We ourselves were convinced that we made Psychedelic gothicfunk. Anyway, the world wasn’t ready for our music, so the story ended. Family life began. A few years ago, the desire to play music returned. A singer-songwriter looked for a drummer and I applied. Together with a guitarplayer we colour her songs in a very subtle way, great to do. Apart from this band, I have a kind of drive that makes me want to create some own stuff too. At first I wanted to find a second band. But because it was very hard to find people with the same mindset, I decided to do it alone. I discovered some free apps to make music. All very amusing, but the options were limited. This is were my search rally began. I tried out some DAW’s, I took some lessons, read reviews, watched Youtube and after giving it some thoughts I bought Ableton Live. Next thing to do is build experience with songwriting, mixing and mastering. It’s a surprise to me that the music that comes out of the laptop, turns out to be dancemusic. I can’t name it: house, techno, a mixture of styles , … Frankly, I don’t care. I don’t have to live from music, it’s merely a hobby and that is really nice. I can make whatever I want and whenever I need to. I can learn at my own tempo and from whoever wants to teach me. If somebody likes my tracks: super, amazing, I will love him/her forever! If nobody gives a shit: so be it, still friends and I will keep on making music. Freedom is a great feeling ! ?