Patricia Bishop


I am a lyricist....songwriting is my passion and I get my inspiration from the events and emotions of everyday living....either in my own life or in the life of others and it is my hope that my songs bring some meaning, joy or comfort to anyone who hears them. I wrote my first song on October 11, 2000. My precious husband of 37 years passed away less than 3 weeks later. I truly believe that songwriting was a gift from God to help me through the most sorrowful time of my life. I joined the Houston Songwriters Association (HSA) in July 2001 and have been an active member since that time. I do not play any musical instruments or sing very well, so, I am truly grateful to all of the wonderful singer/songwriters who collaborate with me. Without them, I would not have a completed song. Most of all, I really started feeling like a “songwriter” when other singer/songwriters asked “me” to collaborate with them! Thank you for listening to “our songs”! "Food is good for the body; Love is good for the heart; Music is good for the soul and the soul lives on forever" - Patricia Bishop (Pat & Various Collabs) (Pat & Jesse)