The band was formed in Varna, Bulgaria during the summer of 2011 with the goal of writing our own original music, experimenting with different subgenres of Rock and Metal. Our debut album recorded, mixed and mastered by Vasil Vasilev and Painout at "Studio 33" in Varna. The band did the entire artwork by themselves and showed it in March 2015. The self-titled album, containing 10 songs, was released on 8th of June, 2015. The CD version of the album contains a bonus track called "Кadril" which was recorded for "Kavarna Black Sea Battle of the Bands 2014". "Кadril" is our only song with lyrics written in Bulgarian. The intro track, "Inhale", contains a guitar solo written and performed by Nikolay Bonev from Bulgarian Thrash Metal band Symbolic. After few member changes Painout returned to the stage in 2016 and in the end of November, 2018, we will release a new EP - "Something More to Say" - containing new material.