Out of View


I've had an interest in music and particularly drums since a wee lad when my dad inspired me by giving me a pair of drum sticks and a cymbal from his band ‘The Sabres’ (Edinburgh) who he was manager of in the sixties. I used to play the sticks and my only cymbal as part of an improvised homemade kit before moving to and learning the trumpet. Eventually returning to my first passion ‘the drums’ I took some lessons in basic rudiments practising on a rubber pad before eventually buying my first proper kit when I was 16. I jammed with school mates after school, formed my first ‘proper’ band when I was 18 and played with several other bands over the next few years before joining ‘The Guilty Party’ an Edinburgh band who became big on the Edinburgh music scene in the late eighties. Influenced by many genres inc world, rock, celtic folk, melodic rock, ambient and film scores and after a long absence from playing got back into music making after buying a Roland kit which allowed me to record ideas on the mac and develop the remote invisible band 'Out of View'. I released my first single The Last Race by Out of View on 25th January 2019.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Lifeforce and soul food. Hope!

What is your music dream?

To play and create full time.