Orlando Quinones

Orlando Quinones - Lovers Journey

Orlando is a native Manhattan-born Bronx Boy who at the age of five demonstrated a very keen ear for music. Once the Beatles entered his world by way of Ed Sullivan, Orlando was determined to seek a path of musicianship--inspired to play guitar and write his own original songs. He could not stop singing all of Stevie Wonder's early hits. By age 17 Orlando had recorded 12 songs at CBS studios in NYC. As the youngest member of a Southern Rock influenced "FUSE BAND", Orlando enthused other older band mates to embrace his songs, as well as to write their own, in collaboration with FUSE BAND. At age 19 Orlando was lead guitarist and vocalist for "September Song" and was contracted by the infamous band of the 60's called "THE HAPPENINGS". He then toured with The Happenings for a few years, where Orlando cultivated much of his abilities to create smooth harmonies and hone his stage performance skills. Currently Orlando performs with SOULED OUT -- see www.souledoutband.net