Oliver Tsakonas

Want to take your playing to the next level? or just a beginner looking to start out and expand your knowledge? With over 12 years music experience, I have constructed a highly effective and fun way to learn a musical instrument, relating to what each student wants to achieve from a basic to advanced level. Additionally, what I can offer that many do not teach is performance skills both in the studio and on stage. Having worked with various producers and engineers and toured throughout UK and Europe for many years, I have a vast amount of knowledge that can transfer what you practice in your bedroom to real life situations. Alongside these skills, I also specialise in advanced techniques such as various finger picking styles, right hand tapping, slap style. I can show you how they can be used in a practical format within a wide range of genres from rock and metal to jazz and funk. Got a performance or theory exam coming up? I can prepare you for any up and coming exams. I use high quality recording equipment including Apple computers, Focusrite preamps and Fender guitars with a fast internet speed so you can rest assured that you'll be getting the best out of online lessons.