Oddrun Eikli


Biography: Oddrun Eikli has been a singer all her life and has participated in several CD productions, both as a chorister and soloist. In the last years she has been composing and producing music and lyrics, arranged in collaboration with other composers. In 2009 Oddrun Eikli and Arne Hiorth formed the duo Loops And Bridges, releasing their first album in 2010 at MTG Music. Doors and Windows was the second album from the duo, including some of Oddrun`s collaborators from the SoundCloud community: Axel Weiss, Jason Woods, Vicente Bueso, Nitzan Sagie, Gigi Masin, Claudio Vignali. Mixed in Oslo by Arne Hiorth, and in Daniele Principato`s studio in Bologna . Oddrun Eikli has also been a singer and co-composer in: Axel Weiss`s cd Flow in 2012 RaphaelGTR album Endring in 2012 Massimo Berizzi`s cd Spirali in 2013. The Monk By The Sea`s album in 2013 MOON DUST album Fear Nomore in 2017 Jens Felger's cd Moments 2017 and in several of Science Teheran/Vicente Bueso`s cd`s, the last cd from 2017 Lachrymose. Theater and Film: -Singer for Fabrizio Festa soundtrack in the documentary film "The life story of theatre set designer Uberto Bertacca" in 2016. https://vimeo.com/162120159 - The voice of Avatar in concert 2 augusti Bologna 2017 http://www.fondazionetoscanini.it/concerti/concorso-2-agosto-international-composing-competition/ -A Dance soundtrack together with Arne Hiorth for the performance «Arbeidere på hjemvei» Edvard Munch" in 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUSs2e3C-as -Ballet: The voice in" The little Mermaid" in The Danse Etoile Ballet company. Performed in Colerado June 2018 .Composer Bruce Klepper. For voice, strings, harp celeste, bowed chamber bowls and percussion. Her work can be heard at iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and SoundCloud.






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is the real storyteller. Music gives me J O Y.

What is your music dream?

to make someone happy when they listen to my music