Norman Morrison

Norman Morrison

Been writing songs since I could make sounds. Written countless songs. Recently experienced a revival of European's loving some of my tunes recorded in the 70's. Back then went by the name "Morrison Kincannon". An often music friend and producing partner, Terry Kincannon contributed much in arranging my tunes and delivering them vocally. Though we worked mostly separate we often got together to make recordings. I have four independent albums out that are Christian based under the name Norman Patrick Morrison. Beneath The Redwoods by Morrison Kincannon is a compilation put out by Claremont Music from the UK. 15 songs they selected after reviewing about 50 of my/our songs. Another release of 9 or 10 songs from old will be out within 6 months in 2019. Hope you enjoy something we put together. Would like to form a band that could do these seasoned songs.