Jimmy Penders


B I O G R A P H Y: Started somewhere in 2012 as a DJ on a radio station, in the program: Weekend radio. Every Friday and Saturday I was live on air with my weekly new djset! For 2 years I have put together the best dance tracks in a live performance with other DJs (Laurent Wery, John Dahlback and others). Then started to make new music and this was the beginning of my turnout as a DJ & producer. After spending my songs 'The Drop' & 'Shake It, Rave It!' I have appeared in various news media - including. in the newspapers as; 'Desselse dj scores dance hits in England & Germany! From then on it was only on the rise! Meanwhile, today I am already with 7 own songs in different music lists, music stores, music streaming platforms, etc ... Also on the official ultratop of belgium I stand back with my songs find. I am also more and more, here and there, sometimes a DJ booth to turn my set! so I have several references to my name (tent party, festival, event, radio show, ... - Sunny Side Up 2017, Festival Mundial, RNK - Weekend radio D I S C O G R A P H Y: 2018 - Go Hard (Original Mix)[Mike Kavelli] 2018 - Falling for You Was My Mistake (Original Edit) [Mike Kavelli] 2018 - Elysium (Original Mix) [Mike Kavelli] 2017 - Sunlight Love [Noisecreeper] 2017 - Break It [Noisecreeper] 2017 - I Can Be Your Hero [Noisecreeper] 2017 - Jump Motherfxckers [Noisecreeper] 2016 - Shake It, Rave It! [Noisecreeper] 2016 - How Low [Noisecreeper] 2016 - The Drop [Noisecreeper]