Without borders, without divisions or limits. A thought, a message on unity aimed at the integration of musicians from every horizon, for whom creation can take place with total freedom, in a spontaneous way without obeying any particular structure, form or style. NO BORDERS is a concept involving an approach to creativity in its purest state, flowing in real-time, with a minimum of advance preparation. This initiative is the fruit of a meeting between the Venezuelan percussionist Julio D'Santiago and the Colombian guitarist Andrés Corredor, who decided to launch this project here in Switzerland with a view to extending it to other regions later on, incorporating more musicians along the way. In these first two parts, Geneva and Bogota, NO BORDERS had the objective to send a message of integration by uniting musicians from Venezuela and Colombia at this critical moment in the political relations between these two countries. The third chapter of NO BORDERS took place in Venezuela, in the city of San Cristóbal, which allowed for José "Cheo" Cárdenas to be brought in as co-producer. In addition, several generations of musicians with a variety of styles and origins were able to meet and play in two moving sessions. Two more projects, NO BORDERS Guanare (Venezuela) and NO BORDERS Marseille (France) are currently in the planning stage.





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Dear art lover, Gender tensions, refugees’ emergency, young people with no prospects, clean water crisis, famine, racism, hatred, overcommunication, loneliness. Social, economic and political havoc. The roar of international and local relations shattering to pieces. Fear, isolation, anxiety. You and I live in this fragile period of humankind. We are hungry for mind and emotional freedom. We feel this need to create a space between earth and heaven, rooted in tradition and, at the same time, elevated to change the world. A space that humbly and generously focuses on artistic and intellectual energy. • NO BORDERS creates and develops spaces where artists share and send a message using with their original skills. • NO BORDERS encourages active thinking about world views and society relations, as well as the planet that our children will receive from us. • NO BORDERS is inscribed within a technological context allowing instant diffusion and communication of ideas and initiatives among a growing number of artists in various parts of the world. • NO BORDERS is an inclusive project in terms of art fields, styles, backgrounds, and the opportunity to create and to support creation. I invite you to join NO BORDERS, and to support its artistic developments and projects. Your encouragement is a valued power for artists working together to create a new message. Julio D’Santiago President NO BORDERS

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Antonio Arnedo, Sintesis, Andres Corredor