Nitish Singh


I started playing guitar (properly lol) at the age of 12 in an attempt to fix my hand-eye co-ordination. I took a liking to the scene and the kind of music that i was being taught (alternative rock, pop-rock, pop-punk and Nu Metal). I developed my skills in my church (Rivers Church) band not only developing the ability to play more pop orientated music but also sparking my interests in metal, grunge, indie and post-punk. I started my own band at the age of 19 (Playing Brave) and gigged in several places around JHB (Rumours, smugglers, iron tusk, and the bohemian). I wrote a few songs for the band taking on a rock meshing aspects of indie, rock and roll, punk, grunge and alternative rock. I am currently writing for my personal project and hope to get that started asap. I am ultimately looking to change the face of rock music by introducing creative and entertaining ways to get the messages of my songs across and writing with a authenticity and being genuine about my music. In other aspects i would also like to cut my teeth as a session guitarist and both live and in studio. I understand vision well and can sit aside my personal opinions to help an artist achieve their vision.