Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh - Award Winning Author, Publicist & Radio Host

Nikki Leigh has been working in business management and promotion since a few months after she graduated from high school in 1984. She was managing a surveying business at 20 years old and reorganizing it to run smoother. This was the beginning of a career where she would go into a wide variety of businesses to do similar work for business owners who wanted a fresh set of eyes and ideas to help their business thrive. She was able to turn the businesses around in under six months and on a shoestring budget. In one instance, they were able to buyout the inventory of four competitors and turn a very healthy profit, all within 2 years. One key to these successes were innovative promotions – she was implementing “grassroots” and “guerilla” marketing techniques before they had a “name”. After reorganizing businesses and helping other people make money she decided to turn her focus to a business of her own in 1999. Initially taking on part time clients and helping them with their businesses while still working full-time as co-owner of a home improvement business she managed. In 2005, she decided to pursue her business full-time and to pursue her writing. Over the years, Nikki has had 33 books published (so far), ghostwritten 20 books for clients, she has her own publishing company and publishes books for other authors. She is also a multi Award Winning and Best-Selling author. Her extensive design, writing and promotional background has been a great combination in her promotional work whether its designing flyers, promotional images, websites or many other items. Since 2005, Nikki has worked with promotional clients in 16 countries to develop online and offline promotional campaigns. Whether they are promotional launches, ongoing promotion, event promotion, social media setup, training, maintenance, and much more. She stays up to date on how to best utilize the technological advances to promote online and to increase her reach through her social media and offline networks. In 2011, Nikki started working with Jon Raven and working more directly in and around the music and entertainment industry. Their work together has included work with music production, editing, submission, promotion. Delving into video game development and design for new video games that will submerge the player in the full interactive experience of the “Real Life” of a Rock Star – absolutely, no holds barred. They are also working on research and development of exciting advances in music recording equipment. She is the host and producer of an online relationship radio show that has 200+ shows in its archives that is currently streamed on 2 radio networks to over 159 countries globally and is available on over a dozen of the top podcast directories online and reaches over a hundred thousand listeners internationally each week. She currently has a new music show in production. She is reaching out to potential sponsors, and hopes to launch the show in the near future. She is also the co-host of a weekly music request show on the largest indie music station in South Africa. Nikki worked as the Head of Public Relations for CSP Records, a legendary blues record label based in Texas. Coordinating efforts with the Head of Artist Relations. She worked on social media marketing, networking with people in the industry, scheduling interviews, compiling press releases, setup and ranking on Reverbnation, and more to promote artists on the label. She also did some work for a video documentary project with the company, including but not limited to: coordinating artists to work in the video, scripting and storyboarding, video of the shoot, products for the shoot, develop and promote Facebook page for the project, develop IMDB page for the project and much more. Nikki has owned a company where she develops online promotional campaigns, virtual blog/radio campaigns, extensive social media set up and maintenance, website design and maintenance, graphics design, promotional video design, consulting and coaching in many types of online promotional work with clients. She also works with writers in all phases of writing – from initial idea, writing, editing, book layout, formatting, digital and print publishing and promotion.