Nicolenya Caltman

California Artist/Author/Poet/Songwriter & Musician Indie Author Turns Lyme into LymeAide

Newest Songs: Nicolenya Caltman Never give up! I have late stage neurological Lyme Disease. I have brain damage as a result of this. I lost so much of myself during this battle because it got into my brain and nervous system. It affected primarily the left side of my brain, frontal lobe, and motor functions. While I lost so much of the functioning and reasoning from the left side, the right side of my brain took over completely. I found myself writing and doing art almost to the point of madness. Hundreds of pages of poetry, art, and songs. My poor boyfriend...poor soul LOL. However, other people seemed to be intrigued by my style and over three years later now, four books and a song now, were born. It is truly amazing these poems arrived out of myself. Through a very jumbled and damaged brain, sick in bed for months at a time, barely able to walk and talk, and sometimes barely able to see. Even now, as I type this…it brings tears to my eyes. It was hell on earth…feeling like you are confined to a fish bowl with no water, looking out. Aware of what’s going on with your body, and the feeling of powerlessness that you can do nothing about it except lay in defeat. Because of this beautiful man, I found another part of myself I had no clue existed. It is probably what saved me, and it kept me fighting. I wanted to encourage others through my poetry, books, and songs that true love, actually…exists; even at a ripe age. LOL. No matter what life has thrown them...continue to believe, that…that one perfect person is there in the universe for you, and that health and healing can rise up…even out of hell fire. The story of our love is amazing, because we seem to be able to love and accept each other even with our faults, and that while we are imperfect humans, we become perfect in love...unconditional love, as it should be. My hope is it will touch your soul, and to share with the world, beautiful people still exist; even among the ugliness. I am also a nanny of an adorable little boy I adore who is "high functioning autistic". I am also donating a combined10% of my royalties that I make from this to Lymie's and autistic families. have published four books and a song "Find Your Way". Imperfect Beautiful Love, Perfected Beautiful Love, Lil' Lymie Fly Away Home and Romancing The Moon (a pictorial/poetry book). New Books: Romancing The Moon Language: English ISBN-10: 1719300461 ISBN-13: 978-1719300469 Perfected Beautiful Love ISBN-10: 1719432554 ISBN-13: 978-1719432559 Imperfect Beautiful Love ISBN-10: 197564803X ISBN-13: 978-1975648039 Lil' Lymie Fly Away Home ISBN-10: 1978323697 ISBN-13: 978-1978323698 The books can be found on Amazon, Barnes, ibooks, and most places books are sold online. My Music On: Here you can listen free to sample: Find Your Way Claro Música, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook, Shazam!





What is music to you? What does it give you?

Really playing music and writing songs came during the heat of Lyme after almost 30 years not playing any musical instruments. The more brain damage that occurred taking away my 186 IQ the more I wrote poetry, songs, and arted. means everything to me.

What is your music dream?

Just to be able to wake every day being able to do it.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

Homelessness and hunger and war along with crimes against women and children as well as animals.

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

Sneaky Snake

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

Peter Paul and Mary Simon and Garfunkle Tom T Hall Roy Clark Tom Jones Madonna Creenence Eagles Ray Stevens Others too many to list.

What inspires you to make music?

My love for my darling man.

What is the message you want to send with your music?

Unconditional love, is the only way to go, and fight like a motherfucker!

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience?


How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved?

Annunciation and just do your own thing against the grain.

What frustrates you most as a musician?


Do you support your local scene as a fan? How?

I don't get out much. I try online to support people.

What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience?

Be a bulldog and don't give up. Find your own voice.