Nick Stango


I've been enthralled by music since I was 2 years old. I always felt a special connection with it. Mainly the styles listed in my influences. I grew up with both a Father and older brother who played guitar and started playing consistently at the age of 10 despite having the desire to play since I was 3 years old. At 11 years old I was in my first band. As a teenager I was introduced to a lot of different styles of metal music by a few of my best friends, some of which would go on to influence me greatly. I was still learning a lot though and was in some projects just for the experience, and in some cases just to be in a band with my friends. Yet none of those bands were created in my vision. I had yet to craft my own style until I was 21 years old and at that point in time I had taken about two years off from playing with anyone to do so. That was an abridged version of my story and that's because I mainly want to make this about want I'm looking to accomplish now. I'm looking to create a multi-dimensional band. By that I just mean that I'm not into playing just one or two genres in which I have to fit myself into a creative box with a strict label such as metalcore. My biggest influences are Led Zeppelin, Opeth, Mastodon, In Flames (Pre-Sounds of a Playground Fading), The Absence, Before The Dawn, Corrosion of Conformity, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath, Down, The Sword, Naxatras, Wolfheart, Tool, Alice in Chains and the Duskfall (to name some off the top of my head). I'm also majorly influenced by Ancient Folk styles such as Celtic, English, Scandinavian, Indian, Egyptian and Arabic. Acoustic music is a huge element in my style and I think it's something that adds a lot of depth and timelessness to a band. The melodies heard in those folk styles can be heard as the roots in many of my heavier songs as well. Similar to Swedish/melodic death metal. Those Swedish melodies are very similar to an instrumental melody you'd hear in a Scandinavian or Celtic folk song. I've combined elements of these styles and bands into my own style. I have tons of material of both electric and acoustic songs; some songs have both acoustic and electric tracks. I've only gone through a portion of my archives and I have at least 5 albums worth of songs. I hope to find some like minded drummers and bassist close to my home.