Let go of the fear of creating new paths for music. We have been working as a team since 2010 never forgetting this principle in Neverend. The intensity that we instilled for years in many stages across Spain was synthesised in “Silent”, our debut album, released in 2015 and widely appreciated by critics. The DeLuxe version of this album, released a year later, opens up the doors to international recognition by being nominated for the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS, the most important awards in the world for independent music. This opportunity arrives thanks to our first encounter with a format we hadn’t explored before: the acoustic format. As a result of our impact in Hollywood, MEDIASET, one of the media holdings with major presence in Spain and Italy, entrusts us with an ambitious project: “THE SINGULARITY CODE: ACOUSTIC CONCERT”. This is an acoustic performance that, even today, is frequently broadcasted in national TV music show “PURO CUATRO”. Neverend’s acoustic show is living proof that, with a sweet song, you can convey heartbreaking feelings. Captivated, perhaps, by this singularity, media and audiences from very different fields begin to take an interest in us, thus provoking the release of a second album, “The Singularity Code: Acoustic”, which appears in 2017. This same year ended with the reaching of a new milestone: a TAP Music Award for “best acoustic album”. At the same time, our electric format catches the attention of Carlos Escobedo, Sôber’s frontman, who invites us to his TV show “Rock Palace” without hesitation. Adding up to our electric format achievements, are performing in front of a packed audience in reknown venues such as Arena and Copernico in Madrid. A third release intended for 2018 and an imminent European tour are a tiny sample of our desires to take our proposal far away, in a journey that doesn’t fear prejudices nor the defying of established musical boundaries.