Nelsen Adelard

Nelsen Adelard Bio

I grew up in a show business family. My grandparents performed in shows in the 20s and 30s. My dear mother taught me how to sing harmony when I was 4 years old. Everyone in my family sang, danced and loved music. When I was 10 I took up the drums when I was 14 I took up the guitar. When I was 16 I started playing piano. I had my first club band in 73 when I was 18. We played a version of "Long Train Running" and since I was he lead singer I was elected to play the harmonica solo. From then on I fell in love with the harp and listened to a lot of Blues albums trying to cop the licks off Junior Wells and James Cotton to name a few. I have been in the recording studio for over 40 years. In the early days I did a lot of session work. Vocals, guitar and harp. In 99 I decided to start my own band with my own direction and material. I wrote and recorded songs for my first album. "Blues Got A Hold On Me". 6 albums and a few years later I'm working on my latest album now. Looking to release it in the spring. More info and song samples : or itunes