My Melancholic Happiness


I started learning piano at the age of 8, back in 1988. I stopped attending lessons 8 years later, bored, and resumed playing on my own a few months later, shaping my ears by trying to reproduce songs I heard on the radio. 2 years later, I started playing drums at Highschool, music teacher wanted us to take part into a regional Highschool music festival, we were two pianists, there was no drummer, that was it. I never took lessons, learning by myself, reproducing Dave Grohl, Jimmy Chamberlin and John Bonham's beats, but it soon became my main instrument, the one I'm the most at ease with on stage. Approximatively at the same time, I started playing guitar, on my own as well. I joined my first band as a drummer a few months later, I was 19 years old I guess, we played Indie Rock, band was called Karyotype. It was cool, we had about 5 or 6 songs as I remember, we played 2 gigs, but nevertheless it did not last long, about 8 months. A year later, I joined my second band as a drummer, MAD 612, it was still indie rock but a little more mainstream, influenced by Nirvana, Blur and other bands like that. I even took part in the composition process, writing guitar part and lyrics for one song. We played a few gigs, with honorable assistance, but we eventually split 2 years later. While playing with MAD 612, I met what I call a music soulmate, very gifted (he's the one who plays guitar on "unfinished business"), when we met we didn't live very far from each other, so we spent quite some time at my parent's place (the garage ...), writing our own songs, a guitar & drums duet with loads of piano and samples as well, it was very nice, we had the chance to play one gig, this is a very good memory. Unfortunately at that time we were students, we did not have much money, and technology was not as developed as nowadays, so our music was recorded on tapes that have long been lost or damaged, too bad ... I got the travel virus soon after, and left France for China for the first time in 2003. I spent 7 years in total in that country between 2003 and 2012, with some journeys in France in between. While abroad, I always tried to keep on playing whatever it took, but most of the time with little money, limited gear and few people to play with. I recorded a few samples in those days, but never had the chance to go further. Fortunately, I met great people and musicians in Jinan, Shandong Province, China, in 2004 and became the singer of the band that played covers on a monthly basis in a bar owned by a Chinese friend of mine, it lasted about a year. I seriously was back in business in 2012, in Paris, France. Financial situation sound, professional situation stable, loads of good gear coming in (welcome Fender Jazzmaster !), and I met the people I needed to meet : Vince, guitar, Camille, guitar and vocals, Flo, bass (I played drums). We formed the band Auks in Alaska, wrote 6 songs and played two gigs. We played for 1 year and a half, and I was very sad to leave the band last summer 2015, for professional reasons. The time I spent in Paris was important to me as well as a composer, songwriter, I had all the gear I needed, and started to explore CAM, having the chance to own a Mac loaded with Logic Pro. So I recorded more than I never did, but unfortunately, because of a lack of time, most of the music I have is unfinished, with loads of samples waiting to be exploited. Now I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, good conditions, with all my gear, I will try to focus on my music, but would not say no if I could start/join a band as a drummer, provided it's indie ! I'm very happy to have joined the Drooble community, this a great site, wonderful idea, I do hope it will last long and encounter a great success. I wanted to share my feelings about music in my life for a long time, and Drooble gave me this opportunity, i'm very grateful. Long Live Drooble, Long Live Music