Museo De la calle


Museo de la Calle is a young 22-year-old from Bogota, who began in the musical field in 2011 thanks to the closeness of his older brothers to the world of hip-hop, who since then was already an expert in freestyle. Museo de la Calle was born and raised in Ciudad Bolívar one of the peripheral neighborhoods of the city of Bogotá; apart from hip-hop, he also dedicates himself to the BMX freestyle passion he discovered since he was very young (2008) and in which he has demonstrated great talent. During his childhood, immersed in an atmosphere of conflict and delinquency incited by his social context, he projected himself on this same path, however, thanks to the arrival of BMX in his life, his project changed radically and focused all his enegies on being the best In his field; On the other hand, he currently practices Break Dance and uses it as a training tool in a nascent school of break dance and singing (rap) in Bosa Parks of Bogotá; This training space links two of his great passions, which serve as an example of persistence, commitment and effort that make him an artist who continues with determination to win triumphs and demonstrating that you can dream and grow in what you love.







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lo mejor que me a pasado . me da alegrias