Munashe Gwenzi


An eccentric sound followed by a need to search for truth by creating an atmosphere full of ambience venturing in to a deep soul touching mood accompanied with Hip Hop and R'n'B aspects. Munashe Gwenzi welcomes us into the world of feeling and takes us on adventure through his music, a true future 2020 sound that is one not to miss!






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music to me is a guide for emotions. It helps to enrich your soul and make you feel good. Music has a power that nothing else in this world could have. Allowing us to truly express ourselves creatively. Life saving it offers an alternative. Mood and Mind opening it gives me freedom. I can reach greater heights and depths emotionally in a single note change than any other experience on earth. God-given, music is a blessing, an opportunity for those seeking an escape or for those who want to provide it. I live, dream, breathe piano chords, standing waves on a guitar is what I stand for. Music is life, music is me.