Off of the release of his debut single, JAKE$ is aiming to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. From his catchy hooks covering subject matters such as the principles, his mom passed on to him before her departure, to his bar wrenching lyrics hot enough to melt the hardest of ears. It is safe to say that the Tembisa born artist is here to leave a lasting impression. This rap journey starts in the streets of Tembisa, South Africa where a young JAKE$ honed his craft through inspiration from rap greats such as 2Pac to the notable modern-day king, Tory Lanez. JAKE$ has been able to draw from this inspiration and carve out a unique fresh sound representative of the artist he is and unmatched by anything else out there. Lending a line from Jay-z’s ‘Can I Live, from his debut album, he states that “Easily explain why we adapt to crime I'd rather die enormous than live dormant, that's how we on it..” This above line is a testament to JAKE$ ambition and hunger to strive through the toughest adversities and not only become the best in the country but spread his reach across the African continent and the world.