- AMARNA, previously FoxIdo, is a Progressive Rock/ Metal band from Alexandria, Egypt. These few songs are from their two demo albums "Life: The touchable dream....2003/2012", "Again we lived 2015/ 2018". The idea of FoxIdo was first originated In 2001 By M.Mohfouz "MyzzyM" who decided to start a new band project after the dissolution of his first band (Raconda) which was formed in 1998 and disbanded after 2 years in the summer of 2000. Basem Magdy "Fenriz" was introduced to MyzzyM and they found that they have the same music tendency and tastes. The two founder members were the nucleate which lit the spark that started a chain of reactions. They first put the ideology of FoxIdo which is mainly based on Rock`n Roll with its various kinds and it beats up to Progressive, Heavy, and Doom Metal so in brief, FoxIdo is a "new melodic metal" school. Afterwards they started to create their original materials which were a result of their internal retained feelings and as they took music as a tool to express these variable feelings, many full-dimensional atmospheric pieces of music emitted from their instruments. These pieces of music were for them parts of their souls rather than a product of their minds. In 2005 they began to record their music as a first step for a real forward. During the recording MyzzyM simulated the drum by computer and handled the keyboard lines and bass lines while Fenriz played rhythm guitars as they were only two members. The actual idea of the full membered band emerged due to the need of performing potential live concerts, yet this step was always being held for the mentioned reasons. When their first pieces were recorded, a lot of people were impressed by their music and encouraged the idea of the full band and many of them admitted that releasing an album in Egypt will meet a great commercial success as the music they played had a high sensual oriented riffs and touched the hearts of many listeners. Then they recognized that its essential is to expose their work on a larger sample of listeners and this step could best be taken out by releasing a demonstration of their work. The reaction towards this demonstration will have a strategic effect as it will effect the band's future plans for the composition of riffs and music structure and also a moral effect as it will be the first step to bring their biggest dream of globally to reality. So, the first demo was ready to be released on the summer of 2006 in which they randomly chose some of their previously recorded pieces. As the goals and the aims of the band became wider, broader, and bigger, the step of full membered band was developed to include an adjacent team work (Technical Team), but still there were a lack of members for the need of performing live concerts so the idea of session players emerged. After a long search for potential players, the band agreed on Mohamed Hassan "Gdious" on drums and Sherief Adel "OJO" on keyboard. With this set of players, the band was introduced to the live audience for the first time on the Bibliotheca Alexandria Competition. The show got a huge success and M.Mahfouz " MyzzyM " won the Best Lead Guitarist Award. After a while, OJO had to leave the band and he was replaced by Amir Hamdy "Alisear". ..." The Once we meet is the Once we will always do "...M.Mahfouz 002/ 01022577072 [email protected] [email protected]






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