Mirko Fadda


Hello, my name is Mirko, I am a soundtrack music composer, multi instrumentalist producer based in London UK. My music is a cross between Muse, Dream Theater and Soundtrack Music, with a strong sense of the melody and pop music influences that immediately engages the attention and interest of the audience, especially during the live performances. In the 2 years I have gigged all around the UK and Europe (at NAMM and L.A. in January 2016 and 2017 during the NAMM week as well,representing brands such as KEELEY ELECTRONICS, JOEY STURGIS TONES and CHICKEN PICKS) as a solo artist, I have now put together my own band MIRACLE, playing our own music, including mine (O2 academies, O2 Arena - Brooklin Bowl, The Fleece in Bristol, The Cavern Club in Liverpool, Glastonbudget Festival and many others, full list available on my Facebook Page and on my website in the links below). I also work for other bands and solo artists as a session musician Live and in Studio Recordings, exclusively using Ernie Ball Music Man instruments. My list of EBMM instruments currently include: - Ernie Ball Music Man JPX 7 - Ernie Ball Music Man Artisan Majesty Azzurro 7 - Ernie Ball Music Man Artisan Majesty Marrone 7 - Ernie Ball Music Man BONGO 5 5 HH - Sapphire Black Here’s a demo and comparison between the two guitars I made: https://youtu.be/ BE3oORBeRQU An here's some of my material you can watch and listen to in order to have a listen to my stye of playing and compositional skills: - Article with some bio and all the main links: http://bcbdmagazine.com/?p=309 - YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MirkoChannel - Instagram Page: https://instagram.com/mirkofadda/ - Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Miracle-Mirko- Fadda-396098840457732/ - Live and studio pictures : http://mirkofadda.wixsite.com/mirkofadda/media - Press Kits ( articles , reviews and publications) : http://mirkofadda.wixsite.com/ mirkofadda/epk If I have forgotten something or you require any other material, I'm here at your disposal. I also invite you to visit the rest of my channel for more videos as well as the positive feedback that I receive through the comments : http://www.youtube.com/user/MirkoChannel Contact via Email: [email protected] or Mobile: +447476218334 Here are some links to my videos: • Requiem for a dream - Guitar arrangement by Mirko Fadda https://youtu.be/fqInEiGjcjs • MIRACLE live @ Glastonbudget Festival - LEICESTER - UK https://youtu.be/BKJGWfIbzVs • MIRACLE live @ The Monarch - CAMDEN (LONDON) https://youtu.be/y-mM-GX0ewk I do hope to hear from you soon, thanks a lot for your attention in the meanwhile :) Best regards -- Mirko Fadda Mirko Fadda Music | http://mirkofadda.wixsite.com/mirkofadda +447476218334