Milla Dimitrova

My music journey started when I was around 8-9 years old when my big brother started DJing. I've basically grown up with the sounds of electronic music - House music in particular. Although throughout the years I've listened to DnB, Dubstep and Techno (I still go to Techno parties from time to time), my one true love is the pure and beautiful House music. I love vocals, afro-latin rhythms, groovy elements, saxophone and piano in the tracks i listen to. It's a very painful subject the lack of House scene in Bulgaria. I have lots of friends who are very talented DJs and producers and try to familiarize people with the deepness and emotion of that electronic genre. And I am here to help and support! If you have an opinion about that subject, please share so we can discuss because i am very passionate about it. :) My other favourite things are going to music festivals and concerts around the world.