Mike Freund


New Jersey born Mike Freund hasn't had much luck with music: his first paying gig was derailed by a night in the ER after a car crash. Later, his equipment was stolen after a burglary at the recording studio he played at. But he's gone on to win, and be nominated for, many local music awards in the bustling hub of Charleston, where he's ended up. His first full-length solo album, Toe The Line, was a hit with bloggers, and he's now wrapping up the release of his sophomore record, And Now You Know. So maybe Mike Freund isn't unlucky after all. Maybe the hardworking blues rocker just needed to find his niche: and that he has, hammering out woozy, rollicking anthems that are sure to get you dancing. MIKE FREUND (pronounced “friend”) has performed with, MUNGER N FLORENCE, PIMPHAT. Both bands performed in several local showcases, appearing on local TV 12 Late Night and a small local tour ending at THE HARD ROCK CAFE in Philadelphia. Mike also fronted the Charleston based band NORTH BY SOUTH. Mike is a self employed, sol-proprietor of his own business, separate of music. Mike’s original works where recorded at MANTIS RECORDS, by friend and sound engineer, MITCH WEBB. With the support of his wife, Jenn, and the guidance of Mitch Webb, Mike recorded and released his first full length solo album titled “TOE THE LINE”. The up beat single “ HAIR’S ON FIRE” first aired on Charleston’s 105.5 The Bridge in September of 2016. The albums second track “THE HEAT” continues to gain popularity, thanks to 105.5’s radio show “ THE JAM”. Mike’s second album, titled “...AND NOW YOU KNOW”, was recorded during the summer of 2017 and released in 2018







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is freedom. Music is life.

What is your music dream?

To write, record, perform, inspire until my dying days.

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

The Allman Brothers, Anders Osborne, Montee Montgomery, Guns and Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Guy, SRV, Gary Clark Jr. Frank Sinatra, Elvis,