Mick Parnham


Over 25 years ago, 5 lads from Nottingham formed the original rock band “Geneva”. In the late 1980’s there were probably no bands working harder than Geneva – a constant stream of song writing, rehearsals, headline and support gigs (Saxon, Romeo’s Daughter, Lawnmower Deth) and many studio recordings (including a session for the infamous Tommy Vance Radio 1 Rock Show). This dedication and tenacity meant that the band had established a good loyal fan base (known as "The Convention") and had earned their position in the UK rock scene. Unfortunately the band spilt in 1992 as a recession hit the UK and rock music temporarily lost its’ popularity - it was becoming increasing more difficult to find new venues to play. Fast forward to 2016 and after a “boozy” band reunion meeting, 4 out of the 5 original members have again decided to begin working together under a new guise (the name “Geneva” was sold in 1995 and so can no longer be used by the band). Parnham were born – collectively the band members have the benefit of over 100 years of song writing and recording expertise, except now they can fully embrace the new world – digital recordings, emailing files, social media communications etc – so different to the 1980’s!! Musical and recording influences spanning many rock music eras and influences are present in the new sound making it new, fresh and very difficult to categorize. Hope you like it!!!