Merce Font


My name is Merce Font, I am a classical guitar player and I come from Barcelona (Spain).    I started my studies in 'Escola de Música Sant Gervasi' in Barcelona. In this academy, I completed the 4 elementary courses in 2 years. In this academy I had the chance to perform my first solo and chamber music recitals around the city. Later on I continued my musical studies with the concert guitarist Alen Garagic. Thanks to his guidance and expertise, I could develop my musicianship for auditioning at university standards, doing together more than 6 courses of Professional Conservatoire education in 2 years. In 2012 I had the opportunity, not only to study with one of the most renowned, requested and respected professors on the classical guitar scene prof.Carlo Marchione, but also to launch and rapidly broaden my concert activity by giving over 15 solo recitals and 50 chamber music concerts around Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. During my studies I attended Masterclasses with many of the top guitarist nowadays, such as Ricardo Gallén, Marco Socías, Margarita Escarpa, Adriano del Sal, Andrea de Vitis, Jerome Ducharme, Lorenzo Micheli, Duo Montenegrin, Paul Galbraith, Zoran Dukic and many others. At the moment I regularly perform solo recitals around Europe, give private guitar lessons and work as a personal manager of Carlo Marchione ( If you want to read more about me visit please my website: