Melvis Music


The Basics: First info you need to know is that I totally support our troops. I'm a songwriter so go Visit my site at and listen to my music. Let me know what you think. I'm in the process of writing my autobiography also. The very true, shocking story of my life. Having severe tinnitus in both ears, I try my best to write songs, I can't sing them myself, but I have a bunch of friends who can so I usually get them to sing them for me. I also love karaoke and being with family and friends. I also like as little drama as possible so If you have drama all the time please stay away. If you'd like me to write a song for one of your projects just send me an email. I depend on great artists to sing my songs. Take a listen here or at Also, I'm writing a book called "A Hard Life". It's an autobiography of my life growing up from the Mountains of West Virginia to present day in Annapolis with my wonderful wife Yoko. Life was hard growing up and we had to struggle for everything we had. Look for the release soon. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent)... ;-0 I have over 60 songs recorded and ready to pitch to artists and media outlets. If you need a song for your album/project just send me a message or email. I also have over 400 lyrics ready to record. If you need lyrics let me know. I'm a member of BMI as a writer and a publisher. Also a member of ASCAP as a publisher. Thanks, Melvis Long



What is music to you? What does it give you?

I just try to sooth the soul.