Mayor Oluwadamilare


Mayor Jay is a Multi –talented artist with a strong belief in the power of Good Music. He is a free spirited singer-songwriter convinced that music is a feeling that speaks to the soul. A passionate performer that captivates audiences with a rich powerful voice, emotional intensity, honesty, and Charisma.This new age hipster weaves Afro-beat, hip hop high-life, with the house with raw acoustic tones. Mayor Jay sound is eclectic, due to his diverse influences. Bold due to his curious nature and desire to step out of his comfort zone. Powerful, because it is breathtaking and almost effortless. Emerging at a really exciting time as a new age of contemporary African artists are carving their niche in the global music sphere. Born in Lagos, Mayor Jay is very much like the city, full of life and bursting with personality and energy. Raised in Ogun State, Lagos, Benin, he was always drawn to music and the performing arts in school, his love for drumming, dancing, and singing was a constant where ever he lived. Now based in Lekki Lagos this traveler is moving to the beat of his own drum, bringing a new flavor to the music scene and looking to infuse the vibrant culture into his artistic space. With roots of Yoruba, Mayor Jay lives to explore different sounds and cultures to find inspiration when composing and producing his music. Inspired and Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Orlando Julius(Femi Kuti Jnr) 2pac Akon Asha Cohbams Asuquo and [email protected] Gyptian ‘Once you conjure a feeling and transfer it to another person on a level that is irrevocable, you express something that truly speaks to millions and this is what I aspire to achieve when I create and perform my music.' Mayor Jay aspires to spread Love through out the Universe with music and to crave an international niche.