Matthew Bennett


I suppose my story started young like everyone else. I always had a very deep interest in music. My first formal training was in 5th grade when I started playing drums/percussion for my school's band. By 8th grade, I had gotten my hands on a electric guitar. At this time I was in a band playing Ozzy covers and shit like that. After that I was asked to play bass in a band called A Thousand Times Over(all of the members were good friends of mine. During that time(5 years ago) I started experimenting with electronic music and after I left the band, it became my main focus. I dabbled in everything from dubstep to psytrance. It just wasnt heavy enough for me. I just went heavier and darker when I found a harsh noise artist called Merzbow. I fell in love(I mean im a dude that loved feedback in the first place). To make a long story short I have tried several styles of music and Im really inspired by the custom drums from bands like slipknot(and yes I am open to the mask idea) to the heavy like Chelsea Grin to the boundary pushing styles of Sunn O)) and Merzbow. Fuck it thats all there is.