Matt Durham


About 8 years ago after having a few years practice playing guitar I sit down by myself in my bedroom with a recorder and started writing a song for my wife. I had never sung in front of anyone before but I was gonna try it. I wrote a song for her and recorded it and it actually came out a lot better then I could have ever imagined, especially for the first time writing or singing. So for the next week I sat in that room from morning til night writing and recording songs. In just over a week I had written and recorded a total of 9 songs. I spent very little time on each one (except the first one I wrote, "Butterflies") and now I am kicking myself now for that. For the next 7 years I didn't really do much more with music. I picked my guitar up every once in a while but never really got back into it until last year. Now I am addicted again and its all I wanna do. So here I am and hopefully I get back to recording soon. The songs that I have uploaded are some of the songs from that album. I'm a little older now with a little more patience so Hopefully I spend a little more time on my next album. Anyways thinks for listening, enjoy