Mass Distraction

Mass Distraction bio

“Mass Distraction” was a project embarked upon by classically trained multi instrumentalist Michael Goulding in 2009. Initially conceived as a vehicle to produce a single ep “Stateless”, the project evolved into a medium for creating tracks inspired by the concept that we, as a single race, are guided by the many distractions which bombard us on a daily basis. Not to be misconstrued as an attempt to define who’s right and who’s wrong; the content is mainly guided by inspiration from many sources , both on a global scale and on a more personal level. The music of Mass Distraction expresses the emotional response to these stimuli and, as a result, the outputs from each can vary greatly. As such, it can be difficult to place MD in one genre or another – to such an extent that he has been referred to as both a “music Ninja” and (less kindly perhaps) a “musical schizophrenic”, no prizes for guessing which one we prefer! Similarly the placement of Mass Distraction’s music over the years has been as varied as the music itself, with tracks popping up on various ‘net radio stations, local FM radio stations and in various TV shows aired on Ireland’s national television broadcaster. The varying style has also attracted a number of different collaborators from an eclectic range of musical and performing backgrounds, the two most prominent being Ireland’s DJ Mayhem (2 time World DJ Mixing finalist and beat making producer extraordinaire) and New York’s Cyra Morgan ( a wonderful singer/songwriter predominantly folk orientated). Both of these artists have been valuable contributors and inspirers over the years; please check them out on sites like ReverbNation and Soundcloud if you have a need to have your mind blown….MD would like to thank you for taking the time out to read this bio and for listening to his music, and hopes that it makes some kind of connection with you – regardless of the impact of that connection. 2019 will see the release of the Album “Dark States”, a “darker” electronic look at the various states we find ourselves amongst. Two or three tracks from “Dark States” are available to listen to via the usual web outlets (links below), with the full album available for purchase in all the usual places from mid 2019. All music is composed, played, mixed, mastered and produced by Mass Distraction (except where otherwise advised in tracks featuring collaborators) – there’s no samples allowed, unless it involves a speech or two from history and/or the movies ;) If you’d like to collaborate or just feel like a chat, you’ll get Mick directly on [email protected] or via RN and SC direct messenger. If you’re feeling generous please also view MD’s page on Facebook - @soundofmassd, likes and comments always much appreciated. Peace